Piper on “post-modern” as “pre-modern”

Justin Taylor reports from the Bethlehem Pastor’s Conference here. Today John Piper said the following while speaking on William Tyndale. Thoughts anyone?

“It is ironic and sad that today supposedly avant-garde Christian writers can strike this cool, evasive, imprecise, artistic, superficially-reformist pose of Erasmus and call it “post-modern” and capture a generation of unwitting, historically naïve, emergent people who don’t know they are being duped by the same old verbal tactics used by the elitist humanist writers in past generations. We saw them last year in Athanasius’ day (the slippery Arians at Nicaea), and we see them now in Tyndale’s day. It’s not post-modern. It’s pre-modern—because it is perpetual.”


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  1. I’m confused. I jive with the unwitting, historically naive, emergent people who can often succumb to elitism in thier “generosity” – but how’s that premodern? And wasn’t the Bible wrtitten by premoderns? What does perpetuity have to do with anything?

  2. I shudder to respond to the great Raja but maybe his simple point is what seems new is not new at all. I realize this may not be a very academic response but sometimes simplicity can be missed. I will grant to the great one that I could be wrong.

  3. Your (feigned) reverence is nauseating


    I thought that’s what he was saying, but then I would have thought he would have said: “It’s not post-modern, it’s not pre-modern, and it’s not modern – because it’s perpetual.”

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  5. Ha!

    I spent literally a half an hour reading and snorting in uncontrollable laughter when I found that “facts about Chuck Norris” site. There’s also one about Vin Diesel – here’s my favorite:

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  6. Paul,

    You totally ripped that off of Tim’s blog. But it was still funny the secon time on the second blog.

    The Other Paul

  7. Actually, whoever posted them ripped them off from here.

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