Looking foreword

The week ahead looks to be rather busy and exciting for the contributors to Expository Thoughts. We will all be out in Los Angeles for various things. Some will be attending the Shepherd’s Conference while others (me) will be stuck in more business type meetings. This does not mean that the blog will be silent; to the contrary. . .

This week marks the anniversary of Martyn Lloyd-Jones death and Chris Pixley will be leading the charge on a series of articles that reflect on the Doctor as a preacher and his influence in the evangelical world. Following that, Jerry Wragg has penned a timely reminder from the life of Diotrephes.

I need your help. I am writing a piece on ML-J as a pastor and can’t find a particular quote that I was looking for. Somewhere in volume 2 of Iain Murray’s biography is a statement about ML-J’s shortsightedness with his deacons. I haven’t been able to mine-out the quote since it’s been about ten years since I last read the book. Any help would be appreciated. Blessings to all, especially in your study of God’s Word.

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