Preaching in the postmodern age

David Wells is interviewed about his new book Above All Earthly Pow’rs. Concerning preaching in the postmodern age he states,

“The most important thing to know about preaching is that it arises legitimately only from God’s Word, which is the resource of Truth given to the Church. In the West, the Church is living in a postmodern context in which there is no Truth, only ‘truths;’ no moral norms, only preferences; no Virtues, only values which we then go on to treat in a value-free way. Preaching, therefore, is the principal way by which God secures our cognitive and behavioral distance from our fallen culture while securing our identity with his moral character and his redemptive purposes. This is something quite different from what we expect to hear today from the plexiglass stands that have taken the place of pulpits in so many evangelical churches.”

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