Interview with Bryan Chapell

Bryan Chapell, President of Covenant Seminary, delivers some practical wisdom for expositors in this interview entitled “The Truth About Expository Preaching.”

If your spouse or roommate were to roll you out of bed at 3 A.M. and ask, “What is the sermon about this Sunday morning?” if you cannot answer in one crisp sentence, the sermon’s not ready to preach. You need an idea people can grasp. If the sermon’s idea is, “In the Babylonian incarceration of God’s people, they suffered for seventy years to determine what God’s plan was and never could determine it…” and you keep talking, that idea is not going to pass the 3 A.M. test. We need something like “God remains faithful to faithless people,” something that’s crisp.

See the complete interview here.


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  1. This was a fabulous interview Paul! Thanks for sharing it…

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