T4G “Rap” Up

In the future I will leave blogging conferences to the experts because I neither found the time or the energy to carry-out such a task. Thankfully you can see a wonderful recap of each session here and plenty of photos here. Highlights for me were Lig Duncan’s message on “Preaching the Old Testament” which was simply the best I have ever heard on the subject by a mile (he can rap too, see picture). I got to hang-out and worship with Dr. Purgatorio who is such a cool guy and very encouraging to be around. I briefly met Dr. Fide-O Robertson as well and managed to get away before anyone saw me conspiring with him. I caught-up with old friends and some new ones. I will remember this conference for a long time to come. I began the week preaching a very forgettable sermon that left me ministerialy depressed but ended the week greatly encouraged and ready to pursue, renew, and reshape my life as a minister of the wondrous Gospel.

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  1. As one who also “began the week preaching a very forgettable sermon” only to be lifted up by the ministry of the conference, it was good to share the joy of the conference with guys like you. Now, I hope the next time I hit Alabama we can grab a coke and share some more fellowship.

  2. Beware: I think the paparazzi took a picture of us. It may show up unexpectedly. Scott, sorry that I didn’t get to speak to you. I asked around about you but maybe I just didn’t notice you in person. Maybe next time.

  3. Paul,

    It was great to see you but i am sorry we never did get a chance to catch up. My favorite lecture was CJ’s or Pastor MacArthurs…All in all the conference was a great encouragement. Do take care-


  4. Jason,
    I would have liked to have talked with you, but during the breaks you were always surrounded by a mob of people – “pressed on all sides”! Maybe in Greenville?

  5. Caleb,

    I’m sorry we missed each other. If I have one very mild complaint about the conference it was that fellowship was difficult because of the tight quarters.

    How about you writing a recap for expository thoughts?

  6. Paul,

    I will do a recap this week.



  7. Paul,
    It was great worshipping and fellowshipping with you as well (And Jason and Scott). I pray the Lord continues to renew your strength for the ministry. Preach on brother!

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