Borrowed Authority and “Pomo” problems: Part Two

I noted in my last post, “A pomo does not accept any ideology as objective and consequently authoritative. They will engage in “mutually beneficial dialogues” so long as all involved admit to bringing subjective views which carry no absolute authority. Then, without warning, they borrow authoritative speech to assert their ideas and marginalize opponents for naively believing in objectivity.” For example:

Emerging Parenthood
“Son, I hope you can learn the value of listening to our perspective…our contribution to family dialogue could perhaps offer a fresh look at this moral/ethical matter. Of course, we’re not saying that we are right or that your choices fall short of some fixed standard of wisdom. We just want to continue forging an authentic relationship with you…one of give and take…where we all benefit from each other’s emerging journey”

Emerging Scholastics
“Students, the title of this class, Ethics you can rely on, is perhaps misleading. Our semester objective is to teach…er…uh…suggest that there are basic fixed…I mean…common sense…well—common enough anyway—principles that seem to represent t-t-truths we can use to develop ethical and moral wisdom…wait…not absolute wisdom, but a kind of relationally-validated set of guidelines we might pose as “wise” for authentic living. These objectives will be on the test, and will count as 50% of your semester grade! Does everyone feel they understand the variables for success here?”

Emerging Economics
“Sir, you say that when you agreed to the terms of your loan, you read the contract and accepted the normative, standard meaning of the words used? Well, this is an unfortunate turn of events indeed, because in order for this institution to enjoy an authentic relationship with you we need the freedom to prepare loan contracts with our own personal “story” as a backdrop. It would have been fiscally advantageous for you to become personally familiar with both your loan officers life-narrative and this lender’s emerging history. Perhaps then you would have been closer to a true understanding of the terms of your loan. There is little we can do now, except possibly extend your payment due date another 10 days, 10 being taken to mean a variable number of days chosen to reflect the best possible help in paying your obligation while getting to know us better. Now, would you like to include the required $100.00 overdue charges with your payment today?”

Emerging Nuptials
“Brian and Cheryl, does each of you willingly stand alongside the other, as your always free and therefore authentically changing friend? Will you express your kind of love to each other with the guarantee that neither will take the other at their initial word? Will you seek to learn the other’s peculiarities, while accepting the reality that “learning” means never truly knowing anything for sure? And will you both acknowledge that human relationships can only become authentic when two people realize they can never presume to really understand each other? Lastly, do you both commit to never taking these vows as meaning any one thing at all? Then, by the authority…umm…rather the selection of myself as your conjoiner, I now pronounce that you could be—if you so choose to understand it this way—Brian and Cheryl together for now…an authentic, but always emerging story of two people.”

Emerging Hermeneutics
Don’t even go there…

The point should be obvious…pomo’s should “argue” within the framework of their own epistemology. You’re allowed to assert that I’m not objective, but you forfeit the right to do so with equilateral privilege or authority. See no objectivity, hear no normative meaning, speak no conviction!

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