What are you currently reading?

It’s ministry share time: What are you currently reading? How have you enjoyed these books? What are you learning? How have these books impacted your preaching? etc…

Books I am currently reading:

1. No Place for Truth (by David F. Wells).
2. The Cross and Christian Ministry (by D.A. Carson).
3. Women’s Ministry in the Local Church (by Ligon Duncan)
4. Knowing God (By J.I. Packer)
5. The Holiness of God (by R.C. Sproul)
6. Growing Up Christian (by Karl Graustein)

Recently I noticed my relationship with God was growing dull and that my love for Christ (at times) was pretty luke-warm thus the need for a heavy dose of Theology Proper. My study through Knowing God has been VERY refreshing. Theology Proper is so crucial to maintaining a healthy relationship with the Father. It has been said of John Calvin that no man had a more profound understanding of God than he. It is no wonder why his preaching was so powerful and why his theological insights are so profound. He had an intimate relationship with his Creator. If God is not BIG in the pulpit then we have ample reasons to mourn. If God is not awesome in the pulpit than we shouldn’t be surprised when we hear that our people are timid, depressed, anxious, and/or proud.

The Holiness of God (my first time reading it) has been really convicting. Sadly, I bring God way down, way too often (when people are big and God is small syndrome). Thankfully He is not like me in SOO many ways. The Holiness of God has helped remind me of this reality. First and foremost we need to KNOW our God.

No Place for Truth has been a long but very good read. If you love history and evangelical theology than this book is a must read. It’s been very insightful as i seek to better understand the modern culture as well as the Church.

My reading through Women’s Ministry in the Local Church has been ok. In my judgment it is way too “Covenantal” (in really too many unnecessary places)… Their are some really great thoughts scattered throughout the book but all in all it has not been one of my favorite books on the subject.

The Cross and Christian Ministry has been a good challange to me in many ways. Our ministries must be cross-focused.
Honestly i have not made my way very far in this book so more to come on this book…


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  1. I happen to be reading Carson’s Gagging of God and I can see how one isn’t very far into it. Carson has all his cookies on the top shelf that very oftern I can’t reach. I would have to echo what Mark Dever said about Al Mohler in Don Carson’s case, “Im glad he’s on our side!”

    Wanna race? I’m about 1/3 through this 600 page monster.

  2. Castusfumus-

    Sure let’s race…. I’ll true and finish No Place For Truth and the Cross and Christian Ministry by the time you finish the Gagging of God. :)

    Carson and Wells are brilliant scholars.

    Thanks for the note-

  3. Hence that dread and amazement with which, as Scripture uniformly relates, holy men were struck and overwhelmed whenever they beheld the presence of God…Men are never duly touched and impressed with a conviction of their insignificance UNTIL they have contrasted themselves with the majesty of God.


  4. Half way there!!!

  5. My progress in these two books has been delayed. Ahhhh!

    I will probably finish the Holiness of God and Knowing God before i finish Carson and Wells book(s).

    It’s helpful motivation atleast… :)


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