Says who?

Not a few bloggers have wondered (loudly at times) why The Together for the Gospel group would include a statement about manhood and womanhood in their now famous “Affirmations and Denials”. Is it true that they are simply making the fence smaller so only a few select chosen ones may enter? I don’t think this is the case at all. Those men who crafted the statement have clearly shown (also here) that the issue is over the authority of Scripture without which there is no objective basis for the gospel. I noticed an insight into this from Derek Thomas on another matter. I think what he is scratching at is relevant to the point the T4G guys are making. Thomas writes:

There is a direct hermeneutical line from the denial of Jesus’ maleness as central to his incarnational imaging of his Father in heaven and the trend for egalitarianism. Both deny creational order as expressive of the divine image. As worldwide Anglicanism engages in public displays of extravagant death throes, Dr Rowan Williams will be working hard to keep the fragmenting body together. Will the American Church be invited to Lambeth in 2008? Can the Anglican communion define heresy and on what basis? Clearly, the basis is no longer the Scriptures. Withdrawal over “sexual preference” other than on the basis of divine revelation will inevitably be deemed bigotry and bad taste.

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