What was I thinking?

Now that I have seriously lowered the level of discourse on this otherwise distinguished blog with what one called my “beer in the rear chicken” post, I will try to redeem this space with some more thoughtful entries. Nevertheless, I hope the point of said post was not lost on everyone.

Since all the contributors here are preachers, we find that our first love (gasp) is not blogging. Therefore we do not sit all day behind a computer screen surfing the blog wave hoping to catch a big one. Some of us (no all of us) are weighed down at the moment with funerals, weddings, counseling, doctoral work, mission trips, family life and weekly preaching duties. We love it and would not change it for a cushy IT job where blog opinions really matter. Whatever happens here is just the debris from our various ministries and we hope it helps a few others in the process.

On that note, I will pick up where I left off on “general revelation” in about another week. However, in the mean time, Jerry Wragg will be posting a series on the “emergent youth culture” which will probably bring a few lurkers out of hiding and knot-up a few turbans in the process. Have a great week!

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  1. “…knot-up a few turbans…”

    Classic, Paul, just classic!

  2. I also thought the phrase “unravel a few turbans” would have been appropriate as well.

  3. Also from the funny files: you would not believe how many hits “expository thoughts” receives on Saturday evenings from guys(gals?) looking for sermons on particular topics.

  4. Not surprising!

    I look forward to those upcoming posts by you and Jerry!


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