Weekend Fun: You provide the caption


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  1. “One nation, (formerly)Under God
    with liberty and exceptions for all!”

  2. Loretta was always the first to raise her hand (and her cross)during the Bible drills…she was a know-it-all and made the rest of us feel ignorant!

  3. “After a closely contested Presidential race in 2008, President Pat Robertson and Vice President Gary North unveil what they say is a step in the right direction. Desiring to throw off the revisionist history of the past century, they claim that France’s gift to the US was originally intended as a Christian monument to the Christian Kingdom of America…not recognition of our being a nation of immigrants. Vice President North was quoted as saying, “Our next move will be to show that the Lincoln Memorial is actually the traditional “Seat of Moses.” President Robertson was unavailable for comment as he was attending a book burning at the old Library of Congress.”

  4. Jerry,

    That is very close to FAR SIDE humor.


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