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Since the contributors to this blog are all preachers it is only fitting that we remain students of preaching and preachers. On that note, a couple of us are in Los Angeles for the next two weeks as we are in the D. Min of expository preaching program at The Master’s Seminary. I will be blogging some of the highlights from the lectures and interaction with my fellow cohorts.

USELESS TRIVIA WARNING (Turn back now): One of my favorite bits of actual LA “preaching trivia” is the fact that there is an actual street called “Exposition Boulevard.” Even better, it is the main street that goes through MacArthur Park in downtown LA.


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  1. I look forward to this!!!!!!

  2. Who will be teaching you while you are there?

  3. Jonathan,

    I don’t know who all is teaching the other classes but mine will be led by:

    Rick “Smokey Mtn.” Holland
    Steve “Loud Laugh” Lawson
    George “Dictionary” Zemek
    Keith “figure out my accent” Essex

  4. Hey Paul … while you’re in LA make sure you keep Jerry primed and pumped for our Impact Conference down here in the land of “Middle Earth”!!

  5. Phil,

    I sure will. It’s great to hear from you! Good on ya mate.

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