Shoo fly. . .shoo!

I have deleted a few comments here because an individual by the name of “Antonio” is a peddler of false doctrine. Secondly, and I know this goes against the tone of most blogs, but this is not a “debate” blog. We might discuss items at times and kick thoughts around but we are not interested in being a billboard for false teachers to link to (besides Antonio has his own blog). I would ask that Antonio and any other’s of like ilk abstain from commenting here since such persons are always learning and never come to a knowledge of the truth. We are a group of friends who are all preachers and this blog is dedicated to such fellowship and conversation. In my year and a half of blogging I have learned that some people should be banned from owning computers and that the world has enough opinion to sustain a plethora of arguments for many more millennia (BTW: I also think turbans are out of style). Antonio, we will let you know if your services are needed here but by the looks of things, I think we will be okay without them until the Lord returns. Please show integrity and honor our requests not to comment here (consider yourself banned).

Oh and by the way….Jesus is Lord!

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