Your first homework assignment

Before I post a series of responses to David Fitch’s posts on “The Myth of Expository Preaching” I think it would behoove everyone to read his series so as to anticipate the almost certain criticism from his defenders that 1) we have not read him, 2) we are taking him out of context, 3) we should have called his house first, 4) his is not actually an article but a “conversation” or 5) we’re just a bunch of idiots for which there is no hope. I anticipate some of this as I have observed it in the comment section of the said articles. However I’m crazy enough to actually disagree with an emergent preacher type who thinks expository preaching ain’t all it’s cracked-up to be. So before we get started, you have some reading to do.

“The Myth of Expository Preaching: Part One”

“The Myth of Expository Preaching: Part Two”

“The Myth of Expository Preaching: Part Three”

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