Spencer Burke Responds

A few days ago we cited an article by former pastor Spencer Burke in a post entitled “Preaching is just another product”. Spencer has responded with a comment which in fairness I would like to post here. He writes:

It is my love of teaching and the church that inspired me to write the words in the above quoted article. My desire is not to destroy teaching or the church but instead honor the gift and the Word by using all opportunities to communicate Grace and Truth. AND empower the Church to see its role far beyond the weekly event.

It is my hope that he will join us as we continue to discuss his provocative writings and ideas. Most of us believe he has some more explaining to do and as a self-proclaimed postmodern who desires “conversation” we hope to provide him with our share in the spirit of Christian charity and commitment to the Word. If you wish to comment on the article in question please keep it civil and on topic (leave comments at this post).

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