The Big Picture Story Bible

Since reviewing The Big Picture Story Bible for kids almost a year ago, I still think it is one of the best for the young set. I was reminded of this again this morning while reading Justin Taylor and Zach Nielsen’s endorsements of the same. If you have young ones in the home or a youth pastor that needs to brush up on his Bible this is a great place to start.


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  1. This comment is simply to note that I have no comment regarding the new header graphic.

  2. Chris,

    Think of it as a modern art version of Blue’s Clues “Thinking Chair”. Does it speak to you? Do you feel like your “in community”?

  3. Posted by gavin brown on October 4, 2006 at 6:31 pm

    Very cool. I’ve been looking for some good books for my (almost 6 year old) daughter for Christmas. I’m also going to get her “The priest with dirty clothes” by Sproul. Pree-shate the recommendation.

  4. or a youth pastor that needs to brush up on his Bible

    I thought that was funny, and then thought of some other applications (people, study groups), and then…


  5. Even so,

    I’mooking forward to meeting you next week at the BBTC! Are you still planning to join us?

  6. The boys really love this book. For some reason they only want to read the part about Jesus’ death.

  7. I know Jonathan, our 19 month old is stuck on the “bunny” that shows up from time to time in the pics. At least your boys are more theological than mine.

  8. Off topic – I am tempted to take Chris Pixley’s avatar and turn it into a “Touchdown Whitefield.” He would need an Auburn jersey though.

  9. Good call Jonathan, I can see Whitefield starting a wave at Jordan-Hare or leading the “War Eagle” cheer at each kickoff. We know he had the lungs to pull it off.

  10. Chris, I’ll be there, Deo Volente

  11. Where did my avatar go? It shows up everywhere but here…

  12. Dr. So,

    An avatar from your blogger account does not automatically transfer to WordPress. I think you have to open a WordPress account.

  13. Ah, yes, that would be correct, too bad I didn’t pay attention to that before I wondered out loud…

    BTW, Jonathan, “Touchdown Whitefield” was classic…

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