Slow Goings, Women Preachers, and Bob Newhart

Things are slow around the blog shop here. We preachers get busy from time to time even though we work a mere “one hour a week.” There’s plenty to read around the blogosphere but let us know what you’re preaching this week or if you’re reading anything interesting. I’ll go first: my church history series for SS will be on the French Revolution, my sermon is from Matthew 7:7-12, and our men have just begun a study of the book Christian Living Beyond Belief. Your turn.

Attention lady preachers!  What’s up girls? It seems some of them liked our post from way back on “length of tenure in pastoral ministry”. However their comments reveal that we are a little narrow-minded due to our female exclusion. That whole “husband of one wife” thing just keeps getting in the way. Seriously though sisters, we believe women have a rich heritage and role to fulfill in Christ’s church but taking the text of Scripture at face value we have to conclude that leadership of the pastoral office is for men only. The only way around the text is to explain it away and God has not given us such freedom to change what He has said even if that means political incorrectness or cultural backwardness on our part.

In other news Bob Newhart is now teaching pastoral counseling. Enjoy your weekend and preach the Word. . . men!


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  1. Hello from Vermont!
    Junior High Sunday School – Galatians 2:1-14 (one and one half pericopes); Sunday morning – “The Gifts of the Holy Spirit” 1 Corinthians 12:1-11; Sunday night from a series on Old Testament Missionary Stories, “The Power of Testimony – Naaman” 2 Kings 5 with references also to chapter 3 and Luke 4, Wednesday night – Daniel 11 “Daniel’s Final Vision”.
    By the way, your picture over the weekend made this Morgan County, Alabama boy a little bit homesick.:)

  2. SS–Starting a class to prepare candidates for baptism.

    Sunday am sermon–An overview of the dcotrine of the Trinity. (This represents a break in my ongoing exposition of Genesis 37-50, The Life of Joseph).

    Opening session of conference next week–Why it is important to have a conference studying the Trinity.

    I just ordered Hughes Oliphant Old’s first volume in his history of preaching and look forward to beginning it as soon as it arrives (I’m preparing for teaching on expository preaching to some Russian pastors in December).

  3. Posted by Andy on October 6, 2006 at 12:11 pm

    I am taking a break this week from my series in Ecc. Many in my congregation were going to absent because of fall break here in AL. So I am going to do a sweep through Col and develop the theme as Christ as preeimenient in everything including creation, the church, salvation, and santification. In my reading and thinking this week it was a great link between Ecc and Col and peppering of the recent Desiring God conference.

  4. Posted by Randy on October 6, 2006 at 2:24 pm

    I’m not a pastor, but I teach an Adult Bible Fellowship at our church. I am beginning a study of Proverbs, and our men have begun working through Stuart Scott’s “Exemplary Husband.”

  5. Robert,

    As an Alabamian I need to check your credentials so we can let you back into the state: War Eagle or Roll Tide? (also read elect or reprobate).

    Seriously, next time your in Morgan County look me up. Half of our church comes from Decatur. We might even free some deer from their earthly dwellings and harvest some dove.

  6. Posted by Mike Jarvis on October 6, 2006 at 7:33 pm

    In SS, we’re finishing up a lengthy study on the doctrines of grace. Sunday sermon, I’m working my way through 1 John (this week, 1 John 2:12–14). And, on Tuesday evening, we’re finishing up a series on the fundamentals of the faith. It has been a rich time in God’s Word.

    Loved the Newhart clip. Reminds me of Dr. Mohler’s direct approach.

  7. Paul,

    Elect (War Eagle) but my dad is a reprobate. He also pastors a church in Decatur. It’s been almost two years since I’ve been down but I’ll let you know when I’m coming by. I might even bring some maple syrup if we can make a trade of some kind.

  8. Robert,

    That sounds good to me.

    Do you know Brian Sayers who pastors in New Hampshire (lives in Windsor, VT)? I’m not sure how far that is from you. He’s an old friend of most of the guys here.

  9. Any chance a Floridian can get in on free[ing] some deer from their earthly dwellings?

  10. Sure Chris, it’s all about the fellowship, we just kill on the side. I might have to pull together our first “Expository Thoughts Pastor’s Retreat and Deer Killin”.

  11. Still rolling through Romans (1:26-27), albeit slowly (started last November – about a dozen off weeks)…I’m pretending to be Martyn-Lloyd Jones…well, at least my middle name is David…I love dots…

  12. Paul,

    I’ve only been in Vermont 15 months. I’m about an hour and a half west of Windsor. Almost in New York state. I’ve never met him. What church and town in New Hampshire is he in?

  13. Paul,

    I’ve only been in Vermont 15 months. I’m about an hour and a half west of Windsor. Almost in New York state. I’ve never met him. What church and town in New Hampshire is Brian in?

  14. Posted by Caleb on October 9, 2006 at 8:21 pm

    I preached on Jude 7 Sunday AM, I’m leading a series on Pride & Humility during Sunday School, and i guess that is about it.

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