The Holy Trinity

As many of our readers know, this week Grace Bible Church of Brandon, FL (Chris Pixley’s church) is hosting the 2nd Annual Brandon Biblical Theology Conference. The conference is focusing on the doctrine of the Trinity. The weekend got off to a wonderful start yesterday, as people from all over the state of Florida, surrounding states, and as far away as Southern California convened to consider togetether the profound and mysterious truth regarding the Triunity of God. Three sessions were held yesterday.

The first, addressed by Chris Pixley, spoke to the necessity of holding a conference on the Trinity, given the theologically anemic state of evangelical Christianity today. Special focus was given to the practicality of this great doctrine. (Incidentally, Scripture always pictures all doctrine as inherently practical.)

Phil Johnson, (Executive Director of Grace to You), followed the first session with a brilliant exposition of Psalm 2, which he styled a Trinitarian hymn. The psalm, Phil asserted, contains four voices speaking: that of (1) the world, (2) the Father, (3) the Son, and (4) the Holy Spirit. Those four voices represent, respectively, (1) defiance, (2) derision, (3) devotion, and (4) decision. Together, these four voices draw attention to the three distinct Persons of the Godhead as they work harmoniously in history to bring glory to the one, true and living God. This message is a must have (more information to come on how to obtain the audio).

The evening was capped by a brilliant defense of biblical creationism by Dr. Robert Reymond (Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology at Knox Theological Seminary). As Dr. Reymond noted, the folly of scientific naturalism (Darwinian evolution) is put clearly on display when laid against the biblical teaching concerning the creative work of the Triune God. Masterfully, Dr. Reymond reminded us that Christians have no need to be on the defense regarding their beliefs about creation as, “This is [our] Father’s world!” Rather, it is those who oppose the biblical record who have need of demonstrating conclusive proof as to their anti-biblical theories.

Please continue to pray for this conference as today the speakers will address the doctrine of the Trinity as it relates to salvation, sanctification, and glorification. Those at the conference will also be treated to a Q & A with Dr. Reymond and Phil Johnson. I’ll try post an update of the day as time permits.


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  1. Chris,

    Thanks for the update, I wish I was there to enjoy the teaching and fellowship I know you men are having. Will you be posting any audio of the conference for those of us who can’t attend? Please send my greetings to the men.

    Praying you’re all refreshed,

  2. Chris,

    Thanks for this update! Praying for you all.


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