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This may sound like a basic question but how does evangelistic appeal factor-in to your sermons? This is not the same as asking someone to pray “a sinners prayer” or tacking Jesus on to the end of a sermon. I’m wanting to know how you preach Christ which I think speaks to 1) our understanding of the gospel, 2) our view of Scripture, and 3) our understanding of God’s overall redemptive plan.

I was recently listening to an interview that Tim Challies conducted with Mark Dever. He asked Dever what he thought of approaches like “The Way of the Master” which emphasize the preaching of the law as a way to lead people to Christ. Dever made the point that 1) there is no other way to preach the gospel and 2) you don’t have to go to the ten commandments to preach the perfections of the Triune God. God’s holiness can be seen from any corner of Scripture.

On a similar note, Gunner has an interesting post where Kirk Cameron paid a visit to his seminary evangelism/apologetics class. Also, Joe Thorn reminds us that Spurgeon addressed the issue of law and gospel many years ago.

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  1. Posted by jc on October 24, 2006 at 8:38 am

    The gunner link to foolishblog loads up nothing. do you have the text to that link? please email me.


  2. JC,

    I believe they are having problems with their blog when it is updated I will repost the link.

  3. Posted by Caleb on October 24, 2006 at 6:46 pm


    At our recent FIRE conference Dr. David Sills (from SBTS) reminded us of the simple yet essential gospel formula.

    God: as Loving Creator and Holy Judge.
    Man: His problem (sin).
    Jesus Christ: Savior, Lord, and King.
    Our Response: Repent and Believe.

    Every sermon of mine focuses in on one (if not all) of these components. This may be basic but i think it is helpful to think in broad categories.

    The greater challange for me is making the time in each sermon to include an appeal to both Christian and unbeliver alike. How does the reality of the Cross effect this sermon?

    Good posts. I am on vacation this week but i hope to post more in the weeks to come.

    Blessings- CK

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