Schaeffer and Scripture

Our church’s adult Sunday School class has begun a series through Francis Schaeffer’s video and book How Should We Then Live? For those in the class and others who may be interested, Reformation21 has posted a series of articles on Schaeffer that provide an excellent introduction to his life and thought.

Also , Mark Dever reflects on the use of Scripture in our church services. Quoting David Wells who writes:

“This Word of God is the means by which God accomplishes his saving work in his people, and this is a work that no evangelist and no preacher can do. This is why the dearth of serious, sustained biblical preaching in the Church today is a serious matter. When the Church loses the Word of God it loses the very means by which God does his work. In its absence, therefore, a script is being written, however unwittingly, for the Church’s undoing, not in one cataclysmic moment, but in a slow, inexorable slide made up of piece by tiny piece of daily dereliction.” David Wells, Above All Earthly Pow’rs (2005), p. 9.

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  1. Posted by Steve Drake on October 26, 2006 at 1:10 am

    Covenant Worldwide offers two free Francis Schaeffer courses, via Podcast. Both are taught by Jerram Barr.


    The entire curriculum can be found at:

  2. wow…did I write that? That’s good! I must search through my blogs and find it again.

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