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Those who regularly preach should have a reading program that fits their schedule and exposes them to an array of serious exegetical discussion, theological thought, and practical pastoral wisdom (just to name a few areas).

However, an expositor should also seek out a regular “sermon-listening” schedule as well. I can count on one hand the times I have been present in my church while someone else was preaching. Therefore I’m trying to incorporate a weekly pattern of listening to other men’s sermons so as to learn and have an extra “feeding” outside of my regular study. The benefits of this are enormous and should only serve to deepen our wells. The internet makes the possibilities endless and you can essentially listen to anyone from Lloyd-Jones to MacArthur or even the lesser-known pastors who are toiling faithfully under the radar of popularity. This week I’m listening to some of the Mullins lectures that have been delivered at SBTS over the last few years (listen here). John MacArthur is actually there again this week delivering this year’s series.

I would be interested to hear what some of your habits are in this regard and what you have found to be profitable.

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  1. Sermon Audio, of course, is a great resource, with thousands upon thousands of sermons. My favorite is Phil Ryken, from Tenth Presbyterian Church. He is always insightful, relevant, pastoral, doctrinal, exegetical, and Christ-centered.

    You have a great blog here. I am going to link to it from my blog. You can check out my blog by clicking on my name. Thanks

  2. Great post. I am not a preacher. I fill my extra time though enjoying so much free preaching and lectures. I enjoy the lectures at both Southern Seminary and the Master’s Seminary, Way of the Master, David Wells, and D.A. Carson, just to name a few.

    White horse Inn is great as well. There is so many resources available to us. I make the most of them in addition to my Bible studies because I enjoy them but as well they may not always be available. All believers with access to this stuff should access this stuff-its great!

    great article.

  3. I’m fortunate enough to have 40 minutes walk time each day, to and from the church office. In the course of a fortnight, I’d usually listening to something from the following:

    John Piper
    John MacArthur
    Mark Dever
    Tim Keller
    Don Carson
    Alistair Begg (a former assistant at my church!)
    Wayne Grudem (systematic theology lectures online)

    I also enjoy the ocassional L.Jones

  4. I must confess, I have listen to preaching for fifty years. I have a tape library of preachers preaching that are nearly 1000. From J.F. Norris, Jack Hyles, Oliver B. Greene, Raymond Barber, McGree, Lloyd-Jones, most of John MacArthur’s, and a 100 more. I get depress, because they are so good. I wish I could be a 10th as good as they are. B.R. Lakin. J.R. Rice, John Scott.

    The problem with young preachers they want to copy their voice patterns. You look at the crowd and you think that works.

    My mother last night said, “Charles do you like Benn Hinn?” She is 83 year old wife of a fundamentalist preacher (was)? She hears the sound and the emotion and thinks, that’s good. She must know better.

    But preachers do the same. We need to learn what preaching/teaching is first.

    I have listen to MacArthur’s preach for 30 years, and his style is not the point, but the message is.

  5. Posted by Dwayne Jones on November 5, 2006 at 12:42 am

    If you haven’t yet discovered Steve Lawson, you are really missing out! He is the Pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile Alabama. His sermons are podcast as well as his friday morning “Men’s Seminary” courses. You can also access his handouts and other resources. He has a few books, the latest of which is; “Foundations of Grace; A Long Line of Godly Men”. It is the first of a five book series tracing the history of the doctrines of grace. Great stuff!

    I listen to him and several other guys while jogging everyday.

  6. Dwayne,

    I totally agree. Steve is a good man and a wonderful preacher. I spent hours under his wings when I was in college and after he married my wife and I, we attended seminary. His sermons still shape my ministry to this day.

  7. Posted by Chris Ross on March 26, 2008 at 8:06 am

    I have been doing some theological study with Baptist Australia. As I have been learning how to preach I enjoyed the 1 hour sermon on expository preaching by Steven Lawson at the Living Word Conference (2008).

    Additionally sermons by Walter Kaiser have helped me bridge the gap between what the bible says and understanding the principles as presented in OT narrative for modern application(also at the same conference)

    God Bless.


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