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December looks to be a slow blog month as this year comes to a close. January 1st will be our first anniversary at Expository Thoughts and I’m thankful that this blog has filled a small part of what some of us saw as a void in blogdom. Since that time numerous other blogs have started that share our dedication to all things “preaching and preachers.” In December of last year we wrote,

In a little over a week, we will launch what we hope will be a useful blog for preachers who are called to herald the Word of God. The discipline of preaching has taken on many forms these days (post-modern, seeker-friendly, purpose-driven, narrative-centered, afro-centric, feministic, and man-centered are just a few terms that are used to describe the current state of the pulpit).There are many problems with the state of modern preaching but we also believe there are many positive signs of biblical renewal going on behind the sacred desk. It is our goal to not only point out both but to contribute to the refinement and progression of expository preaching. We hope to show that true preaching must be what the old Scot called a mixture of “godliness” and “bauldness.”John Knox’s secretary,Richart Bannatyne, recorded the passing of the “Thundering Scot” with these stirring words:

“On this manner departed this man of God, the lycht of Scotland, the comfort of the kirk within the same, the mirror of godliness, and patrone and example of all true ministeris, in puritie of lyfe, soundness in doctrine, and bauldness in reproving of wickitness, and one that cared not the favor of men (how great soever they were), to reprove their abuses and synis. In him was sic a myghtie spreit of judgement and wisdome, that the truble never came to the kirk sen his entering in publict preiching but he foirsaw the end thereof, so that he was ever reddie a trew counsall and a faythfull to teich men that wald be taught to tak’ the best and leive the worst.”Stay tuned for more updates from “expository thoughts”. . .

We have a number of things on the front burner that we hope to pursue in early 2007. We will do a full-scale analysis of the recent rebirth of interest in the “biblical-theological” and “redemptive-historical” schools of preaching, seeking to identify helpful and not-so helpful aspects of both. Along these same lines I will host a forum-discussion on Sidney Greidanus’ Preaching Christ from the Old Testament. A popular feature over the last year has been our various interviews of current preachers. We have a few new interviews ready to go and some of a particular author that you’ll certainly not want to miss. We might even be able to awaken our band of contributors for their “annual” respective posts. Thank you for you patronage and your commitment to the preaching ministry whether you find yourself on the giving or receiving end of expository preaching. Preach the Word!

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  1. Sounds great…

  2. Paul –
    If you add all my comments together, would they constitute a legitimate “post” or two?

    Trying to break the silence,


  3. Posted by Caleb Kolstad on December 1, 2006 at 9:38 pm



  4. Looking forward to all things “Expository” this coming year!

    – Jason

  5. Are recommendations for 2007 allowed? I would like to see some posts on the history of preaching. I think you have written one post on this topic.

  6. Jonathan,

    I think that’s a great idea but it would probably be the longest series ever. Hughes Old has taken on this task and he’s done it in six lengthy volumes!!!

    However, I have written a paper on it in the past year and could probably shred-it for a few posts here.

  7. Please do, Paul…

  8. Since you have entertained one suggestion, perhaps you would entertain another. What are the two or three sermons, sermon series, or perhaps particular pastors who have impacted your Christian life and/or preaching ministry and why or how did they do so?

    Finally getting cold in Vermont,


  9. Robert –

    “The Danger of an Uncoverted Ministry” – Gilbert Tennent (circa 1743)
    “The Minister’s Self-watch” – C.H. Spurgeon (Lectures To My Students)
    “Sovereignty and Salvation” – C.H. Spurgeon (Isaiah 45:22)
    “A Tale of Two Sons” – John MacArthur (Luke 15:11-32)
    “The Electing Love of God” – John MacArthur (Ligonier Conference)
    The Wrath of God” – R.C. Sproul (Rom. 1:18f – Shepherds Conference)
    “The Agony of Gethsemane” – C.J. Mahaney (Mark 14: 32-42)
    Funeral Sermon – John Wesley on behalf of George Whitefield (Oct. 2, 1770 – Text: Numbers 23:10)

    Sermon Series:

    “Anatomy of a Church” – John MacArthur
    “Twelve Ordinary Men” – John MacArthur
    “The Believer’s Armor – John MacArthur
    “Expository Preaching” – Eric Alexander (TMS Winterim Lectures)
    “Sermon on the Mount” – M. L. Jones

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