Can “pastor-teachers” be women?

It was in a winter class on Ephesians at The Master’s Seminary, with guest lecturer Harold Hoehner (Dallas Seminary), that I first heard the line of argumentation that “pastors and teachers” in Eph. 4:11 refers exclusively to spiritual gifts and is not synonymous with the office of elder. Hoehner would publish this view a year later in his magnum opus commentary on Ephesians. This issue has come to light again at the recent ETS meeting in Washington where Hoehner delivered a paper entitled, “Can a Woman Be a Pastor-Teacher?”. While having read his commentary on this issue and hearing his class lectures on the same, there remains a number of unanswered objections to his thesis. Jim Hamilton, who attended the recent ETS events, has offered a thoughtful response to Hoehner’s view detailing, among other things, the possibilty of a problemmatic word-study fallacy in Hoehner’s work.

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  1. Posted by Rich on December 7, 2006 at 1:20 am

    I planned on attending this presentation but I read the program incorrectly and missed it. I’ll be reading the paper.

    What was rather astounding to me was Yamauchi’s veritable beat down of Wayne Grudem in his presidential address for Grudem’s non-egalitarian views.

    I sat right next to Grudem during this public lassoing – which lasted WELL over an hour. Ungh! It was almost surreal. It was my first ETS so maybe this is commonplace but it seemed very odd to me.

    FWIW – Grudem sat at this Dell and typed furiously. I can only assume he was taking notes for his response in JBMW.

    If you get a chance, read the paper on why Baptists are forced to stay out of the gay marriage issue because of their departure from the Massachusetts colonies. It was a blood bath in the Q&A. Emil Caner and some of his faculty were present. It…was…ON!

  2. Don’t mess with Texas or Grudem (in this matter)!

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