Weekend Round-Up (Spurgeon the expositor? and other items)

Here are a few items worthy of mention to our readers:

  • Was Spurgeon an expository preacher? Phil Johnson has a brief yet excellent answer here. (This is a hard question to take in considering the thousands of sermons Spurgeon must have preached. I’m not aware of any full treatment/examination of Spurgeon’s preaching style in print but it would make for a great study. As one who has actually preached some of Spurgeon’s sermons for special occasions, I would call them flowing anthems of Christocentric toposition. However, as Phil points out, one should not confuse a topical message by Spurgeon with the typical topical fare of our day).
  • Bret Capranica has a practical series he’s calling “Expository Convictions” (currently at part six).
  • John Brand is now blogging across the Pond (see here).
  • Baptism, baptism, and baptism
  • If you’re standing before the book and behind the sacred desk this Sunday. . . Preach the Word!
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