With Appreciation…Here’s My First Post

First, I would like to thank the guys here at Expository Thoughts for the privilege of being associated with them.

Second, Paul, I hope that the series I’m planning does not interfere with any plans you have for posts based upon your DMin intensive.

Third, I would like to make my initial contribution to Expository Thoughts a series of posts interacting wgibson.jpgith the recent book, Preaching the Old Testament (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2006). This work, written in honor of Walter C. Kaiser Jr., is a series of essays by some major scholars of our day, who have at some point crossed paths with Kaiser. The brevity of each chapter provides a fitting starting point for some good interaction on this subject. Lord willing, my comments, both laudatory and critical, will be helpful to our readers as we all labor to preach the First Testament effectively and appropriately.

My first post should come in the next day or so, but to whet your appetite, here’s a quote from the foreword by Haddon Robinson:

[R]educing the Old Testament to an anthology of illustrations for sermons based on the Gospels or the Epistles slights the Old Testament authors who were theologians in their own right. They were skilled authors who conveyed God’s message through such genres as story, proverb, and poetry, and their messages had their own purposes, but certainly they did not write to provide illustrations for other biblical writers (p. 14).

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  1. Randy,

    You are more than welcome here and since I’m reformatting the hard drive on my computer and typing this on my wife’s computer…I can assure that your post will not interfere with anything I plan to do in the meantime.

    I just recently picked-up the book “Preaching the Old Testament” so I look forward to your posts. I went right to the chapter of your mentor since I’m preaching the Prophets at the moment so I’m interested to see the feedback this will generate, great idea.


  2. I look forward to your posts as well! If i have questions about your seminary would you prefer i email you?


    Caleb Kolstad

  3. Sure, Caleb, an email would be fine.

  4. Randy –
    Greetings, and welcome to the team! Not that the “team” would know who I am or anything such nonsense…I think if I posted something now the entire site would vapor-lock and the blogosphere might experience a temporary black-out.
    In any case, your involvement is a refreshing addition to what goes on here, and a tremendous relief to Paul, Matt, and Caleb who’ve had to carry Chris and me for decades now.

    Looking forward to your insights.


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