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The Heart of Prayer

Prayer is the offspring of humility. It is the cry of a lowly heart that recognizes its own weakness and calls upon the Lord for divine provision. In contrast, prayerlessness is the offspring of pride. It is the silence of an arrogant heart that imagines its own sufficiency and whispers to God: “I don’t need you, Lord. I will be fine on my own.” The way to revolutionize my prayer life, then, is not simply through the discipline of my will but the humbling of my heart in which I cultivate small thoughts of me and great thoughts of Him.


The popularity of Wikipedia is stunning. For those not familiar with it, it is a “democratized” version of an on-line encyclopedia. It should not be understood as a scholarly source but I like to think of it as a quick desk reference on various topics. Here are some wiki topics that might be of interest to preachers:

UPDATE: See theopedia’s helpful resource on Expository Preaching

Preaching the OT

Today was the first day of my doctoral seminar on preaching the Old Testament (or as Kaiser says, the “older” testament). I am too exhausted to give a long post but I promise to give more over the next few days. Dr. Barrick was exceptional in his lectures on “The Place of the OT Scriptures in Worship” and “The Problem of the Old Testament.” Speaking of Barrick, you must see his sermon resource page which is like having a Barrick commentary on many OT passages. He eventually plans to have all 150 Psalms posted (he has notes through Psalm 84 at this point). If you look at the bottom of the resource page you can see his lectures from today on the OT. . . . a goldmine!

While on the subject of preaching the OT, here is a relevant excerpt from Sidney Greidanus:

In spite of . . .major hurdles, there are many reasons why pastors must preach from the Old Testament: (1) the Old Testament is part of the Christian canon, (2) it discloses the history of redemption leading to Christ (3) it proclaims truths not found in the New Testament, (4) it helps us understand the New Testament, (5) it prevents misunderstanding the New Testament, and (6) it provides a fuller understanding of Christ (Sidney Greidanus, Preaching Christ from the Old Testament, 25).

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. A few of us will be traveling to Los Angeles this week for the doctoral winter sessions at The Master’s Seminary. While I’m there I hope to take in some of visiting professor, John Hannah’s lecture on Jonathan Edwards. I also hope to blog some of my doctoral seminar which will cover “the expository preaching of the Old Testament” with Dr. Bill Barrick. If you’re in LA this week and at TMS I hope to meet some of you.


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