Update from Expository Thoughts

Randy’s post on Preaching the Old Testament (edited by Scott M. Gibson) has been very stimulating and helpful. Many other bloggers have noticed as well making Randy’s series one of the most popular Expository Thoughts series ever. Great work Randy!

We have a few series waiting on deck: Waymeyer has a series on the “faithful vs. believing” debate in regards to the children of Elders (cf. Titus 1:6), I will be posting a short series on preaching the OT along with a few preaching book reviews. Who knows, we might be able to rouse the other guys into showing up?

While we wait for Randy’s final posts in the current series, be sure to check out the discussion that is going on in regards to New Covenant Theology. The Master’s Seminary is in the middle of a lecture series on NCT and Steve Lehrer at In-Depth Studies is posting responses on the IDS blog. Also, I happened upon a site called The Theologian: The Internet Journal for Integrated Theology. There is lots of good stuff here with superb articles and resources.

Also if you have an IPOD, did you know you can podcast the chapel from DTS, the faculty lecture series from The Master’s Seminary, Covenant Seminary’s preaching classes and much more? If you take a look around the itunes store you can find these and many others (and they’re all free!).

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