A Short Thought from Psalm 50

I should post the next installment for the series on Preaching the Old Testament in the next day or so. However, in the mean time, I offer the following observation…

In doing some preparations for a class on the psalms, I spent some time this morning meditating on Psalm 50. Within this psalm of Asaph, God is called to speak justly over his people (v. 4), and his words are divided between the godly (vv. 7–15) and the wicked (vv. 16–23). In ways, each of the messages is the same: God desires an obedient life (one that honors him) and a grateful heart (vv. 14–15; 22–23). Moreover, it is the one who is obedient and thankful that can expect God’s deliverance (vv. 15, 23). The verse that stuck out to me this morning, however, was v. 16:

But to the wicked one, God has said, “What right did you have to recount my statutes so that you carried my covenant in your mouth?”

Those whom God described as “wicked ones” had at some point spoken the word of God with their lips, possessing the word of his covenant in their mouth. Yet, with that same tongue, they practiced evil, deceit, and slander (see James 3). There was a clear disconnect between what they spoke and how they lived, and for that they were rebuked.

Such an admonition reminded me this morning of the grave responsibility it is for those who speak the Word of God to watch their life and doctrine closely.

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