Preaching the OT Today Evangelistically

I would like to do a wrap-up post (what I have taken away from it) on the book Preaching the Old Testament soon, and in that light I will take the last two chapters together. The first consists of an appeal for preaching the First Testament along with reasons for doing so. The second presents some ideas about preaching the OT in a way that is consistent with calling men and women to faith in Christ. Here they are in outline:

Preaching the Old Testament Today

In his essay, “Preaching the Old Testament Today,” David L. Larsen gives the following considerations. We need to preach the Old Testament because…It lays the foundation for all that follows.

  1. It is the inspired anticipation of Jesus Christ the Messiah.
  2. It so poignantly provides a rich pictorialization of God’s plan of eternal redemption and its implications.
  3. It assists us in the complex task of application.

Preaching the Old Testament Evangelistically

The final essay is “Preaching the Old Testament Evangelistically” by Robert E. Coleman. According to him, the following principles should be kept in mind when desiring to preach from the OT while maintaining a gospel appeal:

  1. Preach the OT with a Christ-Focus.
  2. Preach the OT with a Kingdom Outlook.
  3. Preach the OT in a Soul-Searching Way.

Although I have not elaborated upon each point, I would welcome any thoughts on these.

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  2. “If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.”

  3. Ben,

    Thanks for the reminder that the message of Moses and the other prophets of the OT is the same as that of Jesus and the rest of the NT.


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