Church of England Bishop endorses Spurgeon

Spurgeon's Library

On the shelves of C. H. Spurgeon’s massive study at his home called ‘Westwood’ on Beulah Hill was a special copy of Bishop J. C. Ryle’s commentary Expository Thoughts on the Gospels. The special edition had obviously been sent to Spurgeon by the Bishop of Liverpool himself and tucked between the flyleaf and the cover was a letter from Ryle to Spurgeon that read:

You want no praise of man, and you know its worthless. But I must tell you how much I like your Lectures to my Students. I have rarely seen so many nails hit right on the head. I should like to give a copy to every young clergyman in the Church of England! I hope you are pretty well. I have had much illness in the last four years, and feel nearer home than I ever felt before [Ryle would live another 24 years].

I wonder if there is a Bishop in the Church of England who would still give out Lectures to its ministers today? At any rate, now would be a good time to pass on a copy of Spurgeon’s Lectures to my Students to any young men you might know who are preparing for ministry.

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