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I’m watching the whole discussion on MacArthur and the millennium from the sideline and all I can say is the state of biblical argumentation and hermeneutics is in a sad place if the web is any representation of how people think about Scripture and these sort of issues. I really have nothing to offer here other than an occasional post where we might address subjects of eschatology. For now, I would highly commend Jerry Wragg, Rich Ryan, and Pat Howell’s comments in this thread. I will say that a few of us are working on a series for Expository Thoughts on the “priority of the OT” which is sure to bring-out the theological fangs again. At least now we know what to expect.

In related news, Phil Johnson has given us his weekly dose of Spurgeon and this week he delivers with a timely look at Spurgeon’s eschatology. As in all things, I think we understand that Spurgeon is not the final word in doctrinal matters. However, it is always interesting to note how he gets brought-out in discussions like this and usually misrepresented. Over the last hundred years, Spurgeon has been referenced in support of every millennial position under the Sun. Nevertheless, I think Phil is spot on in how he understands the Prince of Preachers. For a more academic treatment I would commend this article on Spurgeon’s eschatology from Dennis Swanson which is based on his seminary thesis.

Lastly, since we’re talking about Spurgeon, I would recommend that everyone read Spurgeon’s two-volume autobiograpy (The Early Years and The Full Harvest). There is something in it for everyone. Most Sunday afternoons and evenings I read a number of pages and he simply recharges my batteries.

Have a blessed Lord’s Day!


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  1. I’m actually doing a series of posts bringing out profound quotes from Spurgeon’s ‘Lectures To My Students’ which is a must read for every preacher.

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