First in something…for a change

Should I conclude from this that my work here is almost done….I don’t think so either.

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  1. And yer prowd uh dis?

  2. Jerry,

    Though it is a fleeting milestone, please don’t mock our joy. At least your state leads the category for most blue hair and leather skin.

    BTW: I did see a bumper sticker one time that said: “Alabama, at least we’re not Mississippi.”

  3. I’ll give you the “blue hair and leather skin” notation…but then again, our state’s mental impediments would be age-related. What’s Bama’s reason?

  4. It is true that Florida can’t seem to count at all! And, the slow drivers always use the left-most lanes…and they’ll give a license to 90 year olds (stop lights are hilarious to watch)…and we have the most synthetic and pricey facial features per capita (Palm Beach to be exact) than any other state.

  5. I would say the reason for the brain drain in our State is related to the fact that folks here think you go to college to watch Bama or Auburn play football…classes are a mere trivial matter.

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