Limited Atonement: A New Heresy?

According to Jerry Falwell i guess so?  Please check out the Founder’s blog below for more detailed information:

Some people talk when they should just listen.  Have a great Lord’s Day! 


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  1. Does this actually deserve a comment?

  2. Posted by Caleb K on April 16, 2007 at 12:09 am

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  3. Posted by Caleb K on April 16, 2007 at 12:28 am

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    Having not read this post until this morning, I was not able to ask Jerry Falwell his view point about this post. Last Sunday morning I was in Thomas Road Baptist Church. Jerry and his wife ask us out to O’Charlie’s to have dinner with them.

    I was in the services at TRBC Sunday Morning and Night. I have known Jerry Fallwell for some fifty years. I believe the Lord saves more people at THBC in one Sunday than most churches have in a year.

    I am personally a five point Calvinist. I follow John MacArthur’s point of view for the last thirty years.

    But with that said, I know what Jerry Fallwell preaches, I know what Bible he preaches out of, I know his heart. I know those who work at Library and at TRBC, and one who sings in the choir.

    I have known his wife since I was born, she is the most lovely person I know. They love the Lord, they love young people, they love to see people come to Christ.

    Jerry has no limited in his desire to see people come to Christ.

    Jerry does not to me demonstrate the negative spirit of Christian fundamentalism. He does not have a legalistic spirit of the Pharisees whom Jesus condemned.

    I was in three services on Sunday, and I heard him preached, I saw the singing on Sunday Night. Its far from been a legalistsic spirit.

    Too often what he says, is taking out of context.


  6. Charles,

    I agree that it is easy to take words spoken in a public forum (especially a sermon) out of context once it is related through many channels. I especially appreciate your personal perspective that you bring to this discussion. However in this case one can watch the video for themselves and make their own determination. It is hard to know how context could help Falwell’s statement that, “We are not into particular love or limited atonement. As a matter of fact we consider it heresy.”

    The word “heresy” has historical import and meaning and if he meant something lesser then he should come out and clarify his statements. Otherwise, he has assigned a heretical tag to many Christians in history and the present (including yourself by your own admission above).

    Thanks for being bold enough to speak up here and add to the discussion.

    Blessings to you,

  7. Paul

    What I have notices from preachers who speak away from their own pulpit is they say a lot of comments that they would otherwise wouldn’t say in their own pulpit.

    I often hear that word “heresy” in the heat of the debate over the doctrine of Election, TULIP and Calvinism. Too often preachers will use that word “heresy” when they describe TULIP. I know those who will say its heresy or some like term. in their sermon, when in priviate they do not deny the very doctrine they are calling heresy.

    Had I only read this article before I was in Lynchburg I would certainly have asked Jerry about what he meant by that term. He certainly didn’t made any negative comments about John MacArthur when I said, I love his preaching. He didn’t even blink an eye on that one.

    Since this was a priviate dinner anyway, I didn’t want to get into doctrine.

    I just might call him and ask him what he meant by that statement.

    I would say many preachers assigned a heretical tag to those who hold to this position of Election. I would say many mean the doctrine rather than the man. Where as we (myself) might be unwise in calling those who hold a different view of Election and Last Things as hersey.

    Our choice of words do get us in trouble. My wife and Jerry’s wife say we often do get in trouble with our choices of words.

    My point in this comment, Jerry and his wife and family are truly geninue servants of the Lord. Even if we say dumb things.


  8. Thanks Charles, I think your point is well taken. I always appreciate your thoughts.

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