Spong’s god of “nontheism”

Nationals Review’s Jason Lee Steorts reviews the latest book from retired bishop John Shelby Spong entitled Jesus for the Non-Religious.

Steorts writes of Spong, “The ‘theistic definition of God’ is dead, he says. What he means is that he does not believe — and does not think anyone else should believe — in ‘a being, supernatural in power, dwelling outside this world and able to invade the world in miraculous ways to bless, to punish, to accomplish the divine will, to answer prayers and to come to the aid of frail, powerless human beings.’ Our goal should be to ‘separate God understood theistically from the experience of God that we claim for Jesus.'”

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  1. Spong is an unbeliever as are many liberal theologians and preachers in main-line denominiations. It is amazing to read their comments on their blogs……….. They do consider themselves religious as they, “get in touch with the sacred.”

  2. that is horrific…

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