11 Reasons Why… (pt 2)

11 Reasons why I am not a Amillennialist
By John MacArthur

1. They have a historical grammatical hermeneutic but when they get to the Prophetic sections they substitute some other hermeneutic. In essence, they have a double hermeneutic!

2. They eliminate a future for ethnic Israel

3. They confuse national Israel with the Church.

4. They deny God’s promise to restore God’s people to the land even though the Abrahamic Covenant was unconditional and unilateral

5. They deny Christ’s Davidic kingdom as promised in the Old Testament.

6. They believe Satan is bound now (in the Church Age; See Rev 20).

7. They artificially impose “continuity” on Scripture that allows for no “discontinuity”.

They build this on three covenants that are not found (fully) in the Bible: covenant of redemption; covenant of grace; and the covenant of works.

There is a Noahic covenant, an Abrahamic covenant, a Davidic covenant, a Mosaic Covenant, and a New Covenant but not those three covenantal covenants.

8. They erroneously defend there system by spiritualizing the Old Testament and some prophetic passages.

9. They claim that the curses of Deut. 28 and elsewhere were for Israel and the blessings are for the Church.

10. They deny that the present existence of the Israelites in their land has any significance for the future. (see John Stott’s quote)

Even some secular scholars would agree, “The preservation of the Jews is the greatest ethnic miracle in the world!”

11. They deny the literal rendering of “1000 years” found in Rev 20 (which is used 6x).  Are their any exegetical reasons to interpret 1000 years as something else?  Does a theological system drive one’s hermeneutics here?


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  1. Thanks Caleb for keeping the suspense from yesterdays post. :) It was worth the wait. This is a great summary and is very helpful especially after all the recent discussion in the blogosphere since MacArthur’s message at the Shepard’s Conference…

  2. It is kind of funny how the Shepherd’s Conference thing blew up…MacArthur has always been pre-mill. Anyone who heard him preach through Matthew in 80’s or through his master exposition of Romans 9-11 in his MacArthur commentary series knows where he stands.

    It was perhaps an interesting choice of venue (the opening address at his Pastor’s conference).

    Anyways, thanks for your comment.


  3. Posted by Juan on May 15, 2007 at 4:57 am

    Do you know if there is a list for Amillennialist thinking? This posts have been great and they are a great tool for study.


  4. Thanks Caleb. This is great.

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