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I am back from the FIRE national conference.  During the conference I was able to catch up with many old and new friends (Marc Wragg, Phil Johnson, Scott Christmas, Steve Best, etc, etc).  If your church is Reformed and Baptistic (in theology and practice) you should check out this network of churches.

QUESTION FOR YOU PASTORS: Do any of you own J.C. Ryle’s Expository Thoughts on the Gospels (in 4 volumes)?  If so, would you recommend this set for someone’s pastoral library?  Like most of you guys shelf space (and i have lots of bookshelves) or the lack their of, is becoming a problem.  Because of this i want to be more strategic in my purchases.  If you own this set please share with me your thoughts.




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  1. Posted by Dean Olive on May 22, 2007 at 12:09 am

    Sell all and buy Ryle! Not quite, but he is warm hearted and full of ideas. He has been a favorite for many years. His book, Holiness, was a great help to me at a particular time in my life. I am soon to preach through Mark and am looking forward to finding assistance from Mr. Ryle.

  2. Re: Ryle: Yes!!

    I’m preaching through the Gospel of John and while I have Morris, Carson, Ridderbos, Bruce, etc., I find Ryle profitable more than any of the others. Morris is my second favorite on John. Also I preached through the Gospel of Luke about 16 years ago (was actually in Luke for about 5 years in the pm services) and again found Ryle wonderfully helpful.

    Cliff Allen
    Poland Baptist Church
    Poland Maine

  3. Dean,

    I enjoyed hearing you share your heart (while preaching) at the FIRE Conference. Glad to see some FIRE pastors are reading this group blog site. Blessings to you brother.


    Thanks for your thoughts. CBD is selling these books for like 35 dollars. The price is great but i did not want to add a set to my growing library if i would not use it very often.

    I love Carson and Morris’ work on John but am not familiar with Ridderbos.

    Take care men

  4. Posted by Phildog on May 22, 2007 at 4:14 am

    I discovered Ryle’s writings during my student days borrowed from my father’s bookshelf. They are delightful volumes. If you read them, you will never pick up anything else on the Gospels.

  5. For those keeping score at home that is 3 in favor of me buying Ryle’s ET’s on 0 against it.

  6. Posted by Scott Christensen on May 22, 2007 at 9:14 am

    I too am preaching thru John and I echo Cliff’s sentiments. Expository Thoughts is worth every penny.

  7. Yes, get it!! Ryle is like all other Englishmen – very devotional. His outlines are very clear (and will preach in a pinch) and the notes at the end of each exposition are very helpful.

    However, when it come to the New Testament and the Gospels in particular, sell all and get William Hendrickson – the best by far.

  8. Lee-

    I already own Hendrickson and Kistemaker and really love their work! Great stuff.


  9. Hi – I frequent your site every now and then and am preaching through Mark right now. I have Ryle on Matthew and Mark and like him for application ideas, but not for close exegesis. For that I prefer Carson and Blomberg on Matthew; France and Edwards on Mark; Bock on Luke; and Carson on John. In Mark, at least, Garland in the NIVAC is also very helpful in application. His exegesis is solid, though less detailed and the application ideas are more contemporary than Ryle. I’m glad I have Ryle, but not as a first pick.

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