Relevant Preaching or Trinkets?

“Preachers, without realizing what they are doing, sometimes resort to such confidence tricks. A middle-aged man addressing a group of young people begins by referring to a current pop star about whom he obviously knows nothing. Or perhaps he tries to spice up his language with a piece of teenage slang. Eager to establish credibility, he has merely made himself seem foolish. A message starts with glittering promises of immediate benefits. But the promises are never developed and those initially attracted are left feeling cheated. A catchy reference to some current event is so obviously unrelated to what follows that discerning hearers feel contempt for the stratagem designed to catch their attention. This is not relevant preaching. Such devices are, rather, the trinkets offered by those ‘peddling the word of God'” (from Edward Donnelly, Peter: Eyewitness of His Majesty, 54).


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  1. Good point. When we fail to understand the inerrancy of Scripture, we fail to understand that Scripture is God’s truth. He wants His Word communicated as His truth as He has had it written.

    Expository proclamation will be accomplish when we dispense His Word as He as written.

  2. Excellent, we must keep this in mind, front burner stuff…

  3. Interesting quote here.

    The Scripture is mighty and powerful; sadly sometimes we get in the way.


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