Paul McCartney and Pilgrim’s Progress

Paul McCartney

Writer John Colapinto of New Yorker Magazine was given a tour of Paul McCartney’s home:

McCartney moved to a set of bookshelves that held two small framed photographs of him and his brother, Michael, as children, posing with their parents. He pulled out a hardcover copy of Pilgrim’s Progress, and opened it to the flyleaf. “This is from Auntie Dill,” he said. The book was inscribed “To Paul” and dated 1953. “I didn’t like it at all,” he said, replacing it on the shelf. “I liked that Auntie Dill gave it me. Trying to keep me on the straight and narrow.”



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  1. That’s quite bizarre that he would walk over and pull that book out don’t you think?

    It’s also sad that the unregenerate think the gospel and “religion” is about helping someone stay out of sex and drugs, and not that the phrase “straight and narrow” actually refers to the straight and narrow gate that saves a sinner from eternal punishment and leads them to eternal life (Mat 7:14).

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