I apologize for my long absence here at ET. For the past five weeks, I have spent four away from my family, so I have had little time to write. However, I would like to give a brief update on what I have been doing. The seminary at which I teach, Shepherds Theological Seminary, sent me this past May to teach at our sister seminary, Theological Biblical Academy (TBA), in Krapina, Croatia. This was my first opportunity to teach abroad, and Lord willing, it will not be my last.

TBA is the fruit of many years of labor by some dear men of God. It has existed since before former Yugoslavia fell but moved to its present place primarily as the result of the ministry of Miško Horvatek, as well as Kris Brackett and Todd Dick, missionaries from Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California. The school equips men throughout the six republics that previously composed Yugoslavia, and its presence is being felt throughout the region.


The above picture shows both current and present students at the Academy. These men minister in difficult situations, and I greatly respect their dedication to proclaim the Word faithfully despite the incredible opposition they face from the Roman Catholic influence and control. More than anything, recognizing their commitment humbled me as I realized how easy I have it in my school and church ministry.



In addition to preaching at several churches, I spent the majority of my time teaching two classes, Old Testament Theology and Introduction to the Prophets. However, I also had the privilege to participate in TBA’s second annual Expositor’s Conference, where Rick Holland was the featured speaker. This was an incredible conference at which around 65 men (see the picture above) from the six republics came for encouragement and teaching. Please pray for fruit from this important conference, specifically that men will be even more committed to biblical preaching and ministry. Also, please pray for the ministry of TBA, specifically that more students would be feel the need for proper training and that the men that have been trained will find opportunities to minister.


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  1. Praise the Lord Randy for this excellent report! There seems to be a hunger in many countries that is either quiet or missing altogether here in the States. Thanks for encouraging us with this testimony.

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