Invitation from Banner of Truth

Steve Burlew from Banner of Truth has written us here with the following gracious invitation. Sounds like a great idea if you’re in the area this summer.

I just wanted to give each of you a a personal invitation to come see our Banner of Truth North American operation for youself here in Carlisle, PA … 50% off all slightly damaged books on those shelves in our front office (hopefully not fostering any idolatry or addictions here). Seriously, if you are in the area, it is great when we get visitors, even if just to say hi. And if there’s anything that we at Banner can do to help or encourage y’all (other than make everything free!), let me know that, too.

Steve B.

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  1. Paul: Is there an additional discount if we mention your name?

  2. Mentioning my name will get one kicked out of most places or it encourages folks to share their favorite “Paul’s most embarrassing moment” story.

  3. I assure you, mentioning Paul’s name won’t get you kicked out of the Banner; but I could always be up for your favorite “Paul’s most embarrassing moment” story! As far as an additional discount, Matt? Hmmmmm … how about a free Banner of Truth bag with your purchase?
    Steve B.

  4. Sounds great, Steve. Actually, just being around so many great books is reason enough to make the trip. Blessings.

  5. Where would you be coming from, Matt?

  6. Uh, that’s the problem: I live in San Diego. Any chance of you all relocating? You know, just as a special favor to me!

  7. Well?????? Don’t take this personally, or anything, but … uhhhh ….
    We’ll have a book booth at the ETS conference in San Diego in November; currently, Rob (from our office) is on deck to be there, though, instead of me. Great discounts for those attending the conference, I might add.
    Otherwise, how about you visiting us in PA?

  8. Steve: My wife and I are planning for a trip out east, but unfortunately the current projection looks like that won’t take place for another eight years. In the meantime, ETS in SD sounds like a good compromise. I enjoyed the book tables at ETS in Atlanta in 2003 and already have the November meeting on my calendar. Blessings to you and your family, and thanks for your ministry!

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