It’s not a lamp it’s a major award!

For a bunch of guys who rarely have the time to write anything of eternal importance it’s nice to know that this blog has had some positive impact on the lives of others. For a year and a half we have tried to stay “on topic” which for us is “preaching and preachers.” In a day gone by we were once named “King for a Week” by the world famous Challies Empire, Inc. Today I received notice from Adrain Warnock that we are now the recipients of another major blog award…the “Warnie.”

Adrian WarnockOn some days Dr. Adrian Warnock seems to be the only gentleman left in Britain who still believes in penal substitution and a lot of other things that we think are important. He loves expository preaching as much as we do and has done his own to uphold the need for preaching amongst his faithful blog readers. So on behalf of the fellows here at Expository Thoughts and our reader(s) we gladly appreciate Adrian’s notice and encouragement to us. May the Lord increase your bandwidth and may your blog posts flow like Cadbury chocolate.

All blessings in Christ,
Paul Lamey

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  1. The only gentleman left in Britain who still believes in penal substitution….well, there’s more than just Adrian. O, gentlemen left. Ah, yes, perhaps Adrian is the only gentleman left :-)

    Congrats on the Warnie Award! Much deserved.



  2. Posted by Caleb Kolstad on June 24, 2007 at 7:51 pm

    Wow! What an honor!

  3. Here here – Adrian’s not the only contending for the gospel, but certainly a gentleman.

  4. Congratulations

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