Nota bene

In light of our blog award it is only fitting and a bit ironic that we have very little to say at the moment. For most of our contributors the summer season is one of increased travel for both family and missions. Over the next week we will take a step back from writing here to give ourselves a short break but this does not mean that things here will be idle or silent.

I plan to finally get to that series I promised a few weeks back. I will be blogging through Sidney Greidanus’ Preaching Christ from the Old Testament. This book has paved the way for more recent books like Him We Proclaim: Preaching Christ from All the Scriptures. I think these two books have both made valuable contributions but there is also something very unsettling about them both. You’ll find out what I mean when I get around to it in another couple of weeks. Stay tuned.

In the interim I would like for our readers to consider a few questions. Please feel free to discuss these in the comments here. We will also try to interact as time allows.

1) What does it mean to “preach Christ”? Furthermore, how is this accomplished in your preaching?

2) How do you carry out your responsibilities as a shepherd? Does your answer to this question reflect what you actually do or what you hope to do?

3) What do you do as a preaching pastor to stay fresh and to keep your perspective clear? In other words what or who ministers to you? Keep in mind that others can be encouraged by your answer.

Here are a few notable things from the blogworld offered here for your edification:

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