Bridge to Nowhere

The gospel is always being attacked.  That is the way it has always been.  Therefore, we should not be surprised when the Word of God  is assaulted since we’re all familiar with the New Testament.  The gospel is the power of God unto salvation so obviously Satan hates the good news message more than anything in this world.  Sometimes i am surprised though at where the gospel is attacked (stay tuned and I’ll explain). 

I recently rented a DVD to watch with my wife and sister.  I am not a cultural fundamentalist so I apologize if that admission offends any of you right off the bat.  The movie i rented was “Bridge to Terabithia.”  I figured it was a kid’s movie so it was a safe enough pick.  The audience for this movie did not include any children so i settled into my couch hoping to watch a fun fantasy movie with my beloved family.

The movie itself was rather boring with very little Narnia and LOTR action/special effects…In addition to this, the movie was heretical!!!  That REALLY bothered me because the target audience for this film was probably 9 year old kids.  In other words, the movie should have been rated R, not PG…stay with me and I’ll explain why.

At one point in the film the two main characters, Leslie and Jess, (who are middle-schoolers)  attend church with Jess’ family.  I was amazed that during the church service they sang “the Old Rugged Cross” and was even more shocked when they did not bash the preacher.  It is popular to portray Christians in movies as being the most self-righteous hypocrites on the face of the planet.  Anyway, at this point in the movie, i said aloud “I can’t believe they didn’t portray Christians poorly here!”  I should have kept my mouth shut because in the very next scene (on the truck ride home) the gospel and the author of the gospel was blasphemed.  In summary fashion, the girl says to her guy friend, You’re forced to believe that Jesus stuff and you “hate it.” I am not pressured to believe and i think it’s “beautiful.”  Later the girl has a discussion with Jess and Jess’ younger sister (probably a 6 years old) about hell.   The 6 year old wisely informs Leslie that “if you don’t believe in the Bible, God will damn you to hell.”  Leslie later responds, I really don’t think God will damn you to hell…He’s too busy creating all this.”  In other words, God is too loving to punish anyone for there sin.  Especially, those who simply don’t believe in the Word of God.  God is too busy to concern himself with stuff like that.

This point is only repeated when the main character (Leslie) dies.  Jess, like any young teen, is trying to make sense of his best friend’s unexpected death.  So Jess asks his father if Leslie is in hell, since after all she was not a Believer.  Jess’ dad tells his son, that while he “doesn’t know everything the Bible says, HE’S SURE God would never send a good person to hell.” 

This is not a anti-Hollywood/hate post!  This is a concerned Pastor saying friends we must challenge Christian parents in our churches to be very cautious and to use discernment.  Satan is using very clever means in his attempt to lead people (including our children) astray.  I talked with one 7 year old who said that her (Christian) family viewed this film and that they thought it was a good movie.  I’m not the wisest parent in the world but i know this much:  When my daughter grows up this movie will not be allowed in our home.  Children’s movies that openly promote heresy and that seek to confuse our kids about the gospel itself are not family friendly films.

Men, our preaching needs to be clear.  Our preaching needs to be discriminating.  Our preaching needs to be God-centered.  The gospel must be preached and preserved for this generation, and if God so wills it, the one to come.

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  1. Scanning through radio stations months ago, I heard this movie heavily promoted on our local Christian radio station and they were even giving away tickets to see it. I assumed it was a harmless children’s film. After reading this post I realise that it’s not.

    I am grieved that yet again the “church” promotes an anti-gospel movie…

  2. Caleb,

    Thanks for the great review of this movie. I find myself doing this with many DISNEY movies as well. The intresting thing about this movie is that it was put out by Walden Media (same people who put out Amazing Grace & Narnia) and is based on a book that many school systems have their 4th-5th graders read. That is what disturbs me the most.


  3. Posted by CalebKolstad on July 15, 2007 at 2:00 am

    Nath and Hayden thanks for your thoughts.

    A parent could of course choose to watch this film with his/her teens to show them the errors of pluralism, etc. Sometimes instruction is more helpful than total isolation.


  4. I was watching this movie with my 6 yr old daughter, and I turned it off right after the scene in the back of the truck.

    Thankfully, she wasn’t really paying attention, because when she asked why I turned it off, I asked her if she remembered what the kids were talking about in the scene before I hit the eject button…she didn’t really recall. Either way, I took the opportunity to talk to her about the message that was being promoted and why it is ungodly and unbiblical.

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