The magnitude of preaching

I think one reason that our people are oftentimes so lackadaisical about the privilege of preaching is that they don’t understand the cost that has been born for the word of God to be brought to them in their own language, and they don’t understand the magnitude of what it is to have an encounter with the living God which is word-based, facilitated by the servant of God preaching the word of God to their hearts, speaking that truth into their lives.

~Ligon Duncan (HT: Vitamin Z)


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  1. An although we can all take issue with the American government from time to time, the fact that pastor/teachers can do their work in this country without fear of imprisonment or retribution (yet…) is yet another privilege taken for granted.

  2. …and they often fail to comprehend the awesome duty attached to the faithful proclaimation of the Word. The preacher is God’s spokes-person. His unfaithfulness has eternal ramifications.

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