Why don’t we write more?

As you can probably tell our blog posts have not been as regular or frequent and that’s for many reasons. However, it’s helpful to remember that not everything needs to be written down and posted for the world to see. In the forward to the latest edition of On Writing Well, William Zinsser reflects on how modern measures (e.g., emails, blogs) have made writing and publishing more accessible. However he also cautions that “I don’t know what still newer marvels will make writing twice as easy in the next 30 years. But I do know they won’t make writing twice as good. That will still require plain old hard thinking . . .” Amen.


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  1. Writing well is still a craft and careful craftmanship takes time and thought. Reading good writing versus poor or mediocore writing is like comparing the Mona Lisa with a paint by numbers portrait.

    Don’t get in a hurry guys, the enjoyment is worth the wait.

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