What not to do when reading the Scripture

Could I offer any examples of reading Scripture backwards that could discombobulate the meaning of OT texts? Yes, but first a warning. When we quote someone here by way of disagreement it should not be read that we are pronouncing Ichabod on a man or his ministerial work. The man I am about to quote is right-on in just about everything he set his quill pen to. However he offers the following example which I think is misguided. Another caveat: I understand that we don’t start with Genesis 1:1 every time we preach or read Scripture. This discussion concerns which Testament informs the other. Thus far we have been arguing that priority goes to the OT. In the year 1592, William Perkins argued the opposite in his classic The Arte of Prophesying:

” Read the Scriptures in the following order, Using grammatical, rhetorical and logical analysis, and the relevant ancillary studies, read Paul’s Letter to the Romans first of all. After that, the Gospel of John. These are the keys to the New Testament, Thereafter, the other books of the New Testament will be more easily understood. When you have completed this, study the doctrinal books of the Old Testament, especially the Psalms; then the prophetic books, especially Isaiah. Lastly, the historical books, particularly Genesis.”

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  1. I was just speaking about this with a Bible Study partner of mine the other day. I praise God that I was brought to Christ during my pastor’s 6 1/2 year-long study in Romans…that was the first “spiritual nourishment” that I received, and what a great introduction to the Glory and Truth of our Lord.

    Keep up the good work, gents.

  2. :) Did i miss something.

    I have not been commenting for obvious reason (grossman shame).l

    I appreciate this series of posts.


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