Weekend Fun: Revised and Expanded

Here is a stirring rendition of “O-Mazing Grace.” Enjoy . . .

I took an interest in the video below, especially since he covered one of the verses I’m preaching this Sunday (i.e., Matt. 11: 12).


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  1. You got me straight trippin, boo!

    I had memories of Jubilant Sykes when I watched this.

  2. Rich,

    “Hey home, I can dig it. You know he ain’t gonna lay no mo’ big rap up on you man.”

    Sure, I see how Jubilant’s talents could be confused with this young prodigy.

  3. Posted by Scott on October 12, 2007 at 10:29 pm


    Thank you somuch for this somazing clip.

    I see this too is labeled under “eschatology”. Can you expound on that a bit more for us all?

    I look forward to Fridays now with a new level of joy. You’ve started something that absolutely must continue.

  4. “Eschatology” – that is very funny.

  5. I’ll let our postmodern readers at Yale deconstruct what I mean by “eschatology.” For now I would point out that the word “eschaton” generally refers to the ultimate climax or end of history. Could this video be a signal? Furthermore, does this not demolish the argument from our post-mill brothers that things are getting better? Let the tomatoes fly!

  6. Posted by Kevin McAteer on October 13, 2007 at 1:35 am

    Paul Dawg,

    I think you need to go out and buy a blue suit with one of those silk hankies. Then when you get to Matthew 11:12, make sure you say “snatch it” eight times – each time getting louder and louder. That seems to be effective. Of course, you will have to edit out the comments about pledges (unless, of course, you plan on passing out pledge cards).

  7. You have to admire the accompanist…these guys are all over the map, and they still keep playing that “put your offering on that high interest credit care” tune…

  8. That is a funny clip.

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