America’s #1 Preacher and a challenge

Like many of you I watched last night’s 60 Minutes interview with Joel Osteen. Since this is a blog dedicated to all things preaching then I think it is fair that we examine the man who is considered “America’s #1 Preacher.” There were a number of things in the interview that I would love to comment on but the one that stood out the most was his confession that he was not qualified to handle the Scriptures but nothing could prepare me for the shocking news that Osteen could bench press 300 lbs! I would like to publicly challenge Osteen to a bench-press competition in which the loser promises never to preach again.

By the way, Osteen’s new book Become a Better You hits stores today. Below is what others are saying:

Denny Burk

Tim Challies

Michael Spencer

Michael Horton (was also interview for the 60 Minutes special)

Below is a brief excerpt on Osteen’s view of the gospel from an interview with Larry King:


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  1. Posted by Matt Waymeyer on October 15, 2007 at 11:00 pm

    Joel Osteen either doesn’t know the truth or else he knows it but is not willing to proclaim it. Either one disqualifies a man from serving as a shepherd of the flock.

    How’s that for being blunt?

  2. Only God can truly judge the heart, but I have a feeling He ain’t gonna be to happy w/ “Pastor” Joel…

    “May your silver perish with you, because you thought you could obtain the gift of God with money!”
    -Peter the Apostle (Acts 8:20)

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  4. Joel Osteen or Mark Driscoll? I thank both make my old friend Jerry Falwell look very good.

    Joel Osteen has his smile and positive talks with out theology, and Mark Driscoll has his theological teaching and vulgar language in his sermons.

    As we struggle with our on personal ministry, we too often turn to another ministry to find a solution.

    As John MacArthur said in part, what God has done in this church at this time, he might not do in another church in another place even if I am the pastor.

    We can gleam from other ministries, learn from them, but we need to be clear what the Lord is doing in our church and in our community.


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