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Some of you have asked for it so here it is. Below are the links to two of our more provocative series that have received enormous amounts of praise, scorn and general discussion. I have received numerous email requests that we write a post containing all the pertinent links in one place. I pray they will taste even better a second time. Enjoy and we don’t often say it but thanks for dropping by. There were a thousand of you yesterday and we appreciate each one of our readers even if half of them are from Caleb’s family.

Apostolic/Christological  Hermeneutics

What Exactly is the “Apostles’ Hermeneutic”? By Matt Waymeyer

In search of the Apostles’ Hermeneutic (Part I) by Matt Waymeyer

In search of the Apostles’ Hermeneutic (Part II) by Matt Weymeyer

Test Case: Who is the “Seed of Abraham”? by Paul Lamey

Is the NT like the conclusion to a mystery novel? by Paul Lamey

Did Jesus spiritualize the OT? by Paul Lamey

The Relationship Between the Testaments

An Introduction by Paul Lamey

Christological Hermeneutic by Matt Waymeyer

Apostolic Hermeneutic by Matt Waymeyer

The NT View of the OT by Paul Lamey

The Priority of the OT by Randy McKinion

Walter Kaiser on 1 Peter 1:10-12 by Matt Waymeyer

Paul’s Use of Hosea in Romans 9:25-26 by Matt Waymeyer

Concluding Thoughts by Paul Lamey

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  1. thanks for this. Have loved the series. I’m just finishing off a dissertation at seminary on typology – would that be of interest to you?

  2. Thanks David,

    Sounds great, is this something you would want us to link to here?

  3. well, let me finish it up this week and send you the pdf. Then you can decide. I’ll certainly be posting it up so it will be linkable. You may consider my thesis too crazy ;-)

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