Weekend Fun: “Reformation Polka”

Here in the US we have a wonderful Protestant tradition whereby millions of children play dress-up on October 31 to show their love and support of the Reformers. It is common for kids to wear ghoulish outfits which are meant to represent the oppressive excesses of the medieval church of Rome. After dressing up they knock on doors as a form of solidarity with Luther’s “knock on the door” at Wittenberg (modern Lutherstadt). If those in the house support the solas of the Reformation then they reward the children with treats of candy to fill their bags. However, as can be expected, their are some anti-Reformation groups who protest the events of October 31 every year. We are certain they are probably funded by holdouts in Rome who have yet to embrace the Reformation and worse they attribute the events of October 31 to Beelzebub. For adults who don’t want to miss out on the fun there is always the “Reformation Polka.” Enjoy!

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