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Question: Does anyone know if it’s okay for me to sell my copy of Bibleworks 7.0? I was unable to find anything on their website that spoke to this issue so if anyone knows, shoot me an email (my address is under “contact”).

Yes, I’m using something else which I thought I would never do.

I just received this from the home office:

“You own the license of BibleWorks, and can sell it as well. The only matter of consequence is to be sure to pass along the serial # (which is the license) and give us a call to clarify that your license has been sold to the new owner. The new owner should give us a call as well to register the BW7 so we have the serial # in his/her name, duly noted in our database.”

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  1. A seminary buddy of mine just sold his copy to another seminary friend. They contacted BibleWorks to hammer out some details, though. After they talked, there was no problem. You might want to do the same.

  2. I’ve done it twice before. They have no problem with it so long as you transfer everything to the buyer, including any previous versions that served as the basis for an upgrade. You cannot sell an upgrade by itself. The upgrade attaches to the previous version, and they become inseparable.

    Mind sharing what you are now using?

  3. Phil,

    I have been a BibleWorks user since version 4.0 and now I have drunk the Logos Kool-Aid. As one who preaches every week, I can do everything in Logos that I could do in Bibleworks (which has not always been the case). I have always used Logos in the background but now I like the ability to have everything in one program.

    I know some will object and bring up obscure things that only Bibleworks can do but I’m not a Ph.D sorting through the uses of kai in Luke over thirty years, I’m just a preacher.

    I have added all my lexicons, theologies, many commentaries, all the journals and much more into Logos and I love it. The block diagramming tool is light years ahead of Bibleworks (in my opinion).

    I also had one on one training with one of Logos’ best dudes and he answered all my questions and then some. That’s my two cents Phil, what do you think?

  4. Thanks for sharing, Paul. I had a hunch, but I wasn’t sure. I made a similar move a couple of years ago, though I haven’t sold my BibleWorks 7 just yet. (I have used BW since version 4 as well.) Dr. Leedy was my Greek teacher in undergrad and seminary. I learned a ton from him and like to reference his diagrams from time to time.

    I did a brief comparison of Logos and BibleWorks several months ago. My opinions have changed only slightly since then.

    In full disclosure, I am now an employee at Logos. I just joined them two months ago.

    So, what do I think? I think you made a good decision. ;)

  5. Phil,

    Then I’m not only preaching to the choir but I’m preaching to one of the choir directors!

    One of your fellow employees, John Fallahee, has taught me everything I know about Logos which has proved to be some of the best computer training I have ever received.

    Thanks for the links and reviews Phil.


  6. Phil,

    BTW: I didn’t mean to imply that the Greek diagrams that are in Bibleworks are no good. They are excellent. I was referring to the diagram-making abilities of Bibleworks which are much more difficult to work with than those in Logos. Also, it helps that I prefer block diagramming to line diagramming and Logos has made this about as easy as they could.

  7. BibleWorks 7 Okay, Paul, I am sixty, I have never used this sofeware. How do I get this information how to get this? I used the John MacArthur method, pen and paper, and books. I need to get with the program. Maybe I need to buy your. Thanks


  8. Charles, I wouldn’t worry about getting with the program. Do what works for you. I typically do a written manuscript, then transfer to my Word program. I have been tempted to get Logos, but the cost has been prohibitive so far. Doing it “the old-fashioned” way has been good for me.

  9. Charles,

    If you’re saying that you’re an old dog then this is a new trick. However at sixty you could have another thirty years or so preaching!!! You are just getting started.

    I would agree with Mark and you should do what works best for you. I find that computer programs can be a major help or a major hindrance. One has to factor in two main issues before beginning: 1) the financial costs for start-up and 2) the learning curve for understanding how to operate the program efficiently. Once you are passed those two obstacles then I believe computer programs can be a great benefit if used wisely and with understanding.

  10. Paul,

    John Fallahee is a great guy. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know him. If he was the one training you, I can certainly see why you made the switch. :)

    FYI, I made that comment about the diagrams not because of what you said (I agree with you), but because that’s the main thing I still use in BibleWorks.

  11. I have owned BibleWorks since 3.5…About 3 years ago I purchased the educational version of Logos…

    But then I lost my windows machine…Windows crashed and I switched over to Linux…Had trouble running either one on that platform so I am now using other free tools and the web.

    I think that the shear amount of materials in Logos made it my first choice…

  12. Paul,

    I can’t believe that you are leaving the faternal order of bibleworks users. You know that means you need to turn in your official hat!

    I’ve stayed away from Logos because of price and the learning curve. You will have to show me sometime what you know.

    Although if you keep hanging out with Moorhead he will try to get you get a Mac and then what will you do?

  13. Andy,

    I was wondering how long it would take someone to bring up the Mac question. Here’s what I know:

    1) Jonathan Moorhead is an Accordance user which only makes sense if one has NEVER owned a PC (which is very few of us). Additionally, this would only be slightly feasible if I did not have a lot of money already invested in Logos.

    2) I personally witnessed and used Logos on a Mac Book Pro while in Russia in December. It was running in a program (along with Bibleworks) called Parallels. It worked flawlessly and without any problems. The great thing about Parallels is that it works like a window within the Mac OS without the need to reboot or run a program like Bootcamp.

    There is no reason why a Mac person cannot run and enjoy Logos on their machine.

  14. So the bigger question is who wants to buy my BibleWorks 7.0?

  15. Posted by Dwayne Watts on January 23, 2008 at 11:07 pm

    How much? ;-)

    And what version of Logos did you go with?

  16. Dwanye and all interested,

    As a believer in capitalism and the general principle that “everything is for sale,” I will take the highest bid by email (my email is under “contact”). BibleWorks 7.0 is being sold on Ebay and retail for $349.00.

    I will pay for shipping and insurance.

    Merchandise will ship (only in North America) upon receipt of payment in US $.

    I will include everything that came with the shipped product including cds, serial numbers, and all previous versions in accordance with the company’s request.


  17. PSL,

    I own both. I bought Scholars back at TMS and BW 5.0. I recently upgraded to BW 7.0. I really like it. Back in the “day” I gave John F a ride to TMS everyday so we became good friends. He recently spent some time with me at ETS and helped me get up to speed with Logos new stuff so I am current on both. I like the new Logos platform WAY better.

    Sadly, I still live in both worlds and can’t land on either. When it comes to pure exegesis I like BW. It is clean and efficient. The searches are real time and the links to my supporting study helps is seamless. When it comes to overall study material, Logos wins hands down. My biggest issue, and it’s not much of one, with Logos is the overwhelming amount of material it returns on a search. 4387 hits on a topic feels like dump truck backed up and unloaded. I spend too much time sifting through information that returns little value.

    I mostly use Journal articles for the detailed reading in Logos and the new labeling system makes it more cumbersome to search, IMO. I liked the way I used to be able to search on them independent of everything else in Logos. Maybe I’m missing something but now I have to search on the specific journal, not journals in general.

    At my core, I’m still a paper guy when it comes to mass reading. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to have all my commentaries in Logos. I like to highlight, make notes, cross things out, etc. That and my eyes water a ton when I read extensively on my P.C.

    How do you control/navigate the massive amounts of data you get on a Logos search? Does it even come into consideration when you study?


  18. Rich,

    In order to avoid the data dump that you described you need to “define collections.” For example, you can define a collection of journals that only contains JETS, TMSJ, and GTJ . . .the only limit is whatever resources you have in your program.

    If you go to the “search” pull down tab at the top and choose “basic search” you can then search a word or a passaged in whatever defined collections you have made.

    There are numerous free videos at logos.com that John F. has made that walks the viewer step-by-step through these resources and search steps.

    I would add one more thing: once you define collections it is best to do a search on a verse/passage rather than a general word like “Sabbath”. However you can do subject searches by defining paring terms. For example, if I want to do a journal search on the use of Genesis 1 in John’s prologue then I can do a basic search in a defined collection with (“John’s prologue” + “Genesis”).

  19. “The learning curve for understanding how to operate the program efficiently.” Sounds like understanding Romans 9, or monergism.

    Thanks, Paul, and Mark.

    I was just not aware of the software. I am still on Online Bible 1990. Upgrading is good.

    Thanks again.


  20. Posted by Caleb Kolstad on January 26, 2008 at 1:00 am


    With all the money you make we can have an Expository Thoughts lunch at the upcoming Shepherd’s Conference. :)


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